Experience Excellence

As you go through each day, do you find yourself needing a break, a word of encouragement, a spark of creative juice and inspiration for mastering all the challenges? Here's a powerful, positive resource you can use again and again to inject new, purposeful energy into life.

This collection of curated audios from Daily Motivator publisher Ralph Marston and Certified High Performance Coach Kimberly Cain is based around six different core values that you can focus on to promote your own experience of excellence throughout every area of your life. For each of these values, Ralph and Kim each provide you with unique insights and practical recommendations. Click above to listen to samples from the audio recordings included in this collection.

  1. Goodness
    Attitude of Excellence - audio by Ralph Marston
    Experience Life at the Highest Level/Rhythm of Nature - audio by Kimberly Cain
  2. Strength
    Embracing Challenge - audio by Ralph Marston
    Courage and Self Confidence - audio by Kimberly Cain
  3. Purpose
    What and Why - audio by Ralph Marston
    Indulge Your Dreams - audio by Kimberly Cain
  4. Energy
    Zone of Maximum Effectiveness - audio by Ralph Marston
    Enthusiasm - audio by Kimberly Cain
  5. Joy
    Have Fun - audio by Ralph Marston
    Creativity - audio by Kimberly Cain
  6. Endurance
    Staying Positive - audio by Ralph Marston
    Persistence - audio by Kimberly Cain

When you purchase this program, you'll get immediate access to all these audio recordings. You can listen online via your web browser, or you can download each audio file for offline listening on any device that plays MP3s.

As a bonus, you'll also get access to two videos, one from Ralph Marston, one from Kimberly Cain, that you can view online.

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