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Connections University is a collaboration between Ralph Marston and Kimberly Cain, co-hosts of the podcast Deeper Connections.


Ralph Marston finds great fulfillment in encouraging people from all walks of life to make the most of every moment. Since 1995, Ralph has offered uplifting thoughts every day through his Daily Motivator website. That’s more than 6,000 original, positive messages designed to connect readers with their highest values and best possibilities. Over the years, millions of people around the world have been inspired by Ralph’s honest, straightforward thoughts on living with kindness, excellence, and joy. He’s excited to add another dimension to this work by co-hosting the Deeper Connections podcast. Ralph loves to sail on the ocean, to walk through the woods, to race Hot Wheels cars with his grandson, and to sit by a quiet fire in prolonged conversation. Ralph and his wife Karen live on the edge of a Hill Country canyon in Austin, Texas.


Kimberly Cain (aka Kim Brown Cain) is an award winning songwriter/performing artist, producer, & human potential catalyst. Using music & media to entertain, challenge & transform, she is passionate about inspiring people to live with a greater sense of freedom. Kimberly has opened concerts for artists such as David Bowie & Sarah McLachlan (Lilith Fair). She has produced entertainment for Dallas Cowboys & worked with many international personalities such as Oprah, U2, & BB King. Her novel, Heaven, is a story of healing the perceived separation between the sensual & spiritual self. She is the creator of The Naked Vibes Show, featuring conversations with artists to ignite the listener’s creative genius. Co-hosting the Deeper Connections podcast is an exciting addition to Kimberly’s inspirational toolkit! Kimberly is a Certified High Performance Coach® & Remo Drums HealthRHYTHMS® facilitator…& she’s super serious about having fun! She’s an avid slalom course water skier, enjoys hiking, dancing & laughing (a lot) with people she loves. Her guidance has shifted many individuals & diverse audiences into the awareness of their power to live lives of excellence, joy, & freedom. Learn more at KimberlyCain.com


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