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Connect to Purpose

Go deep, know true meaning, ignite passion. Ride upon waves of purpose into a realm where every thought, every action brings new fulfillment.

Connect to Life

Resonate with the living, breathing, miraculous beauty inside you, around you, beyond you. Experience the wondrous treasure of life in all its dimensions, with all who share its warm, familiar glow.

Connect to Possibility

Send your thoughts out into what can be. Let your imagination gather the best of its treasure and empower your actions to make it real.


Welcome to Connections University. The quality of your life is driven by the quality of your connections. We are dedicated to providing you with effective resources to inspire, encourage and empower positive connections in every aspect of your life. Founded by Daily Motivator publisher Ralph Marston and Certified High Performance Coach Kimberly Cain, our mission is to connect you with your highest, most meaningful possibilities, and to stir within you the passion that will bring those possibilities to life.

Connect With Your Best

Explore our growing collection of resources for staying well connected to the most fulfilling aspects of your life.


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